Isogaisa 25-27.august 2019.
We need volunteers for the festival, both during the festival, the preparing and cleaning. Please write when its sutable for you to participate.

Working for 10 hours give you one festival pass. You dont need to work 10 hours coherent. We will make sure that you will get short shifts, which makes it possible to participate in the activities at Isogaisa. Volunteers will get coffee, one food coupon and a free festival pass for the job.

OBS. Det vil ikke bli Isogaisa festival i 2020!

Isogaisa, the brand

Do you want to create something unique, something amazing, a whole new trend in society? Isogaisa has become a brand name with a lot of respect. Join the amazing Isogaisa energy that can not be explained, only experienced! You can do this by signing up as a volunteer. Festival jobs can mean chaos, a lot of walking, misunderstandings, a little mess, little sleep, and often getting tasks and problem solving one had never thought of before. This is in the nature of the festival. Within a few days, we will have a lot of unknown people working together in teams and working under lots of pressure. Something that usually takes months and years in larger organizations to put together and implement. One feels almost thrown into a job where the employees are unfamiliar, and often they speak different languages! But the weird thing is that we like this! It works! Each and every time it happens that the individual volunteers simply slip into the job without any problems. Yes, often we wonder if she / he has this profession before joining! Festival jobs also means that you are creating something new, which will only make you grow. You meet new exciting people, make new friends and feel that you are a part of something bigger than your self.
There is a need for:
- ticket sales personnel
- food and coffee sellers
– tolker som kan russisk
- bonfire guards
-Interpreters in Russian and English

Exhausting? YES! But so incredibly exciting!

Write some words about your self, make a list of what you can and absolutely can’t do. We need this so we can assign tasks to the one that suits it best. Also include what shift you would like to have. We can not promise we can fulfill all your wishes, but we will do our best.
Registration is binding! If you sign up as a volunteer but do not show or change your mind last minute, you will be charged for the week festival pass. Should unforeseen situations appear, you can cancel no later than one week before the festival starts

Registration volunteers