Wimme Saari har utmerket seg i flere tiår som en internasjonal samisk artist, der den åndelige tilstedeværelsen er sterk og nærhet. Vi får en konsert fra Wimme & Rinne sitt nye album HUMAN

«To me, joiking is the deepest way to give out my feelings and my background,» said Wimme. «It makes my life fuller.» Wimme grew up with the joik, the wordless singing of the Sami people. Many of the Sami were for many centuries nomadic reindeer herders, but mostly they settled into communities, and Wimme grew up in a settled house in northwest Finland. First Wimme had to free himself from the old, restrictive paths and learn to be himself, which took some time; the musicians didn’t release their first Finnish album, Wimme, until 1995. It was an immediate success, voted Finnish Folk Album of the Year. Since then Wimme has been a celebrated artist world wide for listeners with sense for his unique sound qualities. In fact Wimme gives us so much more than his sound; he gives us a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of beeing human. At Isogaisa he comes with Rinne who has collaborated close to him for years, sharing the sounds from their latest album Human. Wimme Saari will also have a workshop in joik on sunday.