Singing of the Kalevala

 In Hva skjer 2018

Eero Peltonen Come and learn to sing in the ancient Finnish way. This tradition is called runolaulu (poem singing) or kalevalainen laulu (Kalevala singing). It is at least 2500 years old. Traditionally someone sings a verse and others repeat it. This is a powerful way to be together and keep the old wisdom alive. One of the mythic songs will be used as a basis to learn this ancient style of singing. We will also practice how to enter the feeling tone behind the lyrics. All voices are welcome! No prior experience of singing is needed.
The Mythic Nature of the Kalevala Eero Peltonen We will look at the worldview of the ancient Finns: How they understood nature and communicated with it. We will explore this connection through stories, incantations and songs that are behind the Kalevala.